Does Brite Labs use Vitamine E Acetate or other non-cannabis filler in its products?

Our Vape Products Are Only 100% Cannabis Oil

We want to assure you that Brite Labs products, including our vape cartridges and pods, are not included in the CDC warning or investigation.

Our vape products do not contain and have never been formulated with diluents or cutting agents, including Vitamin E Acetate. We have only one ingredient in our vape products and that is 100% cannabis oil, extracted from cannabis plants.

We strongly encourage our customers to purchase legal and compliant products through licensed retailers, stores, and delivery services to assure products are lab-verified, genuine, authentic Brite labs cannabis products.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.


Does Brite provide extraction services for other cannabis companies?

Yes! We are proud of our CO2 whole plant extraction methods, and work with several edibles & topical companies who contract us to process raw plant material into concentrates or distillate to be used in their cannabis and CBD products. To request a quote for your project or company, please contact us at

How can I return / exchange a product bought in a dispensary or delivery service?

We stand by our products and always want our customers to 100% satisfied. If you are not happy for any reason, please initiate a return or exchange with the dispensary or delivery service you purchased the item(s) from.  If the dispensary is unable to issue a refund or exchange for any reason, please contact us for help at

What are full-spectrum extracts, and how are they different from other cannabis oils or vape products?

When we say our extracts are full-spectrum, what we mean is they retain the full spectrum of compounds that were present in the original cannabis plant material. So every time you use one of our products, you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the entire range of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and essential oils found in the plant, and nothing else.

Much in the same way that eating certain fruits can provide you with a wide range of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. All of the amazing compounds that work together in the cannabis plant are carried through in our oils and it is this that creates the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the expression of the cannabis plant’s full spectrum of compounds. It’s the nuanced medley of wellness benefits that you experience when you consume full-spectrum cannabis. Because none of the compounds from the original source plant are lost in our extraction process, none of the effects are lost either. You can be sure that if a specific cultivar helps you sleep, eases inflammation, and increases your appetite when smoked as flower, it will still have all of these benefits when consumed as one of our extracts. Just without the harsh smoke.

Unlike alternative types of oils, full-spectrum extracts elicit a balanced mind and body sensory experience to accompany the therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect. While specific effects vary by individual strain and an individual person’s response, our full-spectrum extracts tend to be broadly described as smooth, flavorful, aromatic, and well-balanced. Ratio and quantity of CBD:THC, as well as the cultivar, is indicated on each package.

Why BRITE? What distinguishes Brite Labs from other extraction companies?

At Brite Labs, we take care to produce cannabis extracts that remain as true to sun-grown cannabis plants as possible. We do this by including only 100% cannabis source material ingredients, and by protecting all the essential compounds that give our concentrates their wellness power, flavor, and satisfying mind-body effects –  an experience described as closest to flower.

While some cannabis brands manufacture and/or engineer concentrates to achieve a particular desired flavor or effect by any means necessary, we believe that whole plant extracts provide the most consistently positive & effective experience for most conusmers.

We feel strongly that the best extracts and distillates contain only 100% cannabis ingredients – absolutely NO non-cannabis terpenes, flavors additives or diluents. This difference can be seen, smelled, tasted, and felt in the final product, and is increasingly important for the health and safety of consumers.

Finally, thanks to partnerships with our California farm partners like Greenshock Farms, we now offer award-winning strains of sun-grown flower as part of our product menu that you can’t find elsewhere.

I’d love to work for BRITE! Are you hiring?

Thanks for your interest in working with us! Please check out our careers page to see our current job openings.

Do you carry any CBD oils or other CBD products?

We have a rotating availability of extracts and flower to choose from, often containing high CBD : THC ratios that are naturally present in our sourced plants. We do not make products that have manipulated levels of any compound. Also, at this time, we do not sell hemp-derived CBD products. Please see our list of current products for available cannabis strains with high CBD : THC ratios.

Where can I see test results for your products?

We are happy to provide test results! Please send details of your request to the following email address, and we will reply shortly:

Do your 510 carts work with any kind of vape pen battery?

Our 510 carts work best with BRITE batteries, however they should work with any 510 C-Cell battery. We do not recommend using our carts with non-C Cell batteries as these can sometimes experience issues with cart to battery contact, which will result in little to no vapor and potentially a bad experience.

Are BRITE extracts organic?

The term “organic” is regulated by the FDA, and cannabis isn’t legal at the federal level. That said, we want you to know that all of the plants we source meet stringent quality criteria and testing, and our farm partners use practices that if used for any other crop, would be considered organic. All of our extracts are pesticide free, non-GMO and are certified according to California state lab test regulations. We strive to bring you the best possible extracts, so that you are only putting the 100% natural cannabis into your body.

Do you sell flower or products other than full-spectrum cannabis extracts?

Yes! While full-spectrum cannabis extracts are dear to our heart, we also sell sun-grown cannabis flower from award-winning cultivars like Greenshock Farms, and THC Distillate with natural cannabis terpenes. All of our products meet the same high standards that have made our full-spectrum extracts so enjoyable, consistent & effective.

What is the best temperature to use for your cannabis extracts?

The “ideal” temperature for each of our cannabis extracts will vary based on personal preference. However we do recommend starting at a very low temperature and working your way up slowly to find what works best for you.

Where can I buy Brite’s products?

Our line of full spectrum extracts, sun-grown flower, and THC distillate can be purchased statewide in licensed California dispensaries and delivery services. To find the dispensary or a delivery service in your area, please search our Where to Buy by entering your zip code.

If you cannot find a dispensary close to you, or a delivery service in your area, please email us a and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Can I buy directly from BRITE?

Unfortunately, no, we do not sell our products direct to consumers or patients. Our license permits us to sell only to licensed dispensaries in the State of California. That said, we have a large network of dispensary partners & delivery services across the state with whom we are proud to partner to provide you with the product you need. Search our Where to Buy for your local dispensary or delivery service.

What does “cannabis botanical integrity” mean?

Cannabis botanical integrity is our mantra and our promise. It means that we respect & appreciate sun-grown cannabis plants and their full spectrum of ingredients, and that our business produces only 100% cannabis concentrates that are true to the plant so that your vape or edible experience is as close to flower as science will allow.

We believe that the most consistently positive and effective cannabis experience is a 100% natural one. Our full spectrum extracts preserve as much of the original whole plant cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes as possible. The same is true of our THC distillate, which only includes naturally occurring cannabis terpenes. We never add any non-cannabis ingredients to enhance the effect or flavor so that you consume products that are truly, and only, cannabis-derived.

Cannabis botanical integrity is our promise that assures you that the products made by Brite Labs contain only 100% pure cannabis oil, nothing else