Animal Mints – Sugar (L11635)

HIGH POTENCY SUGAR – THC: 81.9%. Animal Mints is a balanced hybrid cross between Fire OG X Animal Cookies X Thin Mint Cookies. Animal Mints’ aroma and flavor profile of nutty, earthy, minty coffee and cookies, while the effects are described as potent, mentally stimulation that leads to euphoric couch lock.

Brite’s premium 100% cannabis sugar delivers a connoisseur’s dab experience. Brite’s proprietary extraction process maximizes the natural cannabinoid & terpene profile found in each strain. Brite Sugar has a unique, semi-crystalline texture that is suggestive of Diamonds in a 1.0 g jar.

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Brite Labs

Brite Labs is dedicated to raising the bar on cannabis. With sun-grown flower sourced from top cultivators across the state, our 100% cannabis extracts & concentrates crafted in small batches with terpenes preserved offer a natural, balanced experience that is closest to flower. New products added weekly.
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