Tropical Sleigh Ride – Pre-Roll 8-Pack By Ed Rosenthal (L11409)

Ed Rosenthal, the ”Guru of Ganja”, has teamed up with the master cultivators at Greenshock Farms to offer their award-winning, signature strain, Tropical Sleigh Ride, in a delightful 8-pack of 0.5 g joints.

Cultivators or award-winning strains, Greenshock Farms specializes in boutique award-winning, in-house strains with high terpenes. Their flowers and product reflect the unique terroir of the California regions they are cultivated in. Organic and natural, Greenshock Farms has a strong love for nature and wildlife and provides only the best sun grown cannabis.

Yours truly.


Ed Rosenthal Select

Ed Rosenthal, the “Guru of Ganja”, is a leading cannabis horticulture authority, author, educator, social activist and legalization pioneer. Ed co-founded High Times magazine, and we are honored to offer Ed’s Pre-Roll flower collaboration with Greenshock Farms.


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