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Our full assortment of products currently available in stores. In addition to 100% cannabis products by Brite Labs, we also distribute premium flower by Greenshock Farms, Mendo Dope, and Gold Coast Gardens, and concentrates by Trichome Productions. Menu updated weekly.

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Sour Mojito - Flower by Greenshock (11495)

HIGH POTENCY FLOWER – THC: 25%. Sour Mojito is a hybrid cross between Purple Candy Cane X Sour Bubble X Pina. With aromas of a fresh mint leaf floating in a daquiri, and flavors of subtle mint, lime, earth, kush on the inhale, Sour Mojito\’s effects are described as uplifting, good to get ideas flowing, and recommended as a great way to get a good day going.

Cultivators of award-winning strains, Greenshock Farms is proud to be honored as the Emerald Cup 2019 Breeders Award Winner. This team of farmers, including Mendo Dope, have been growing and breeding cannabis for over 25 years throughout Southern and Northern California. They specialize in boutique award-winning, in-house strains with high terpenes. Their flowers and product reflect the unique terroir of the California regions they are cultivated in. Organic and natural, Greenshock Farms has a strong love for nature and wildlife and provides only the best sun grown cannabis.

  • 2019 2nd Place.
  • 2018 6th & 10th Place.
  • 2017 SC Labs Award.
  • 2016 2nd Place.
  • 2015 3rd Place.
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