Donkey Butter – Flower By Mendo Dope (L11499)

HIGH POTENCY FLOWER – THC: 32.7%. Donkey Butter is an indica-dominant cross between LA OG x Triple OG grown by Mendo Dope. This flower has bright, solid buds with a silver, crystal coating, a super funkadelic, machine shop gas rag aroma, and a quick start, heavy, sedative high.

Mendo Dope is a family-built company created by 2 brothers, Old E and Bleezy. Located in the Emerald Triangle drowning under the sun with a goal to provide the world with clean medicine. Co-winners of Emerald Cup 2nd Place Licensed Sungrown Flower, these farmers take pride in their unique genetics, growing in one of the best places in the world to grow outdoor cannabis, Mendocino County, CA.


Mendo Dope Farms

Located in the Emerald Triangle, Mendo Dope Farms uses unique genetics in one of the best places in the world to grow award-winning outdoor cannabis.


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